+ Light Leaks & Lens Flares +

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I don’t really know what to say about this photo, it’s nothing special but for some reason it kinda jumps out at me.  I shot this on my old Yashica that produces a few light leaks here and there.  Most people hate light leaks, but I think in certain situations they can actually look kinda cool.

+ Big Bear Film Scans +

•February 10, 2012 • 2 Comments

I just found these photos on a roll that’s been sitting on my desk waiting to be developed for the past couple months.  I took these on the first snow trip of the year, on the first little storm we had.. before I had a broken foot.  Sadly, I’m out for the year and I only got a couple days of riding in… I can’t wait to get back up there next season!  M3/Portra 400vc


+ Nicaragua Part IV – Film +

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Well I finally got a chance to pick up the film that I shot down in Nicaragua.  Since I was only there for 2 days I didn’t really have a chance to shoot as much as I would have liked to.  I shot these on my M3 w/ a 35mm lens on Lomo slide film that I had C-41 processed.  I don’t usually shoot much Lomo film mainly because I love Kodak Ektar and Porta so much, but every now and then it’s fun to change it up.. it’s cool to get some unique colors without any photoshop.

Lately I’ve been doing a ton of work on my website updating it with all my recent work.  Take a look.. I’d love to hear any feedback! www.kylecannonphotography.com

+ Random Film Scans +

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From time to time I like to browse through my harddrive looking at old photos just to kinda see how my style of photography has evolved overtime.  If it weren’t for this blog, a lot of photos I take wouldn’t be seen by anyone except myself.  Here’s a few random film scans from the past couple years that kinda caught my eye as I was browsing through.  In this age of digital this and that sometimes it’s kinda nice to slow it down and shoot some rolls of film.  Anytime I go on a trip I make sure to pack a film camera along with the digital.  There’s something about film that is just so beautiful to me.  All the megapixels in the world can’t match up to a roll of film in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong.. digital is great in certain circumstances.. however I’ll continue to shoot film as long as I can.

Cable car at the Powell St. station in SF – April 2010

Overcast evening in San Diego – March 2009

Downtown LA rush hour from 2 different angles – January 2011

Looking over Vancouver B.C. from atop Mt. Seymour – January 2011

+ Nicaragua // Part III +

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Here’s just a few random black and white shots from Nicaragua that didn’t really make the website cut but hopefully are still worth checking out.. These were all shot on digital (a 60D to be exact).  Now I’m just waiting to get the 35 mm film back from the lab that I shot down there.  It’s a little tough to get around when you’re handicap and can’t drive anywhere.  On the bright side, the doctor says I’m healing up nicely and the pain is finally starting to get a little more tolerable.  I’m looking forward to the day I can finally get back in the water.. unfortunately it looks like I’m still about 10 weeks out.

+ Inspiration +

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Well since some dude decided to cut the back of my foot open and drill two massive screws through my heel, my entire right leg has been a little confused.  It’s been quite a painful experience to say the least.  I haven’t been able to walk, move around, or do anything else for that matter.. just been taking pain pills and keeping my foot elevated as much as possible.  In a desperate attempt to keep myself from going crazy with boredom I’ve been spending some serious quality time with the couch, my computer, a book, and the television.  I also started doing some design work on my website.. more of that to come in the next few days.  You can check out my progress in the meantime www.kylecannonphotography.com

Often times I find myself scanning through the work of various photographers and cinematographers in search of inspiration.  In this first post I’m going to show some short films I have come across recently that struck me as inspirational for various reasons.  The second part of this post will feature some of the still photographers of various specialties that I’ve been following for a while now.

This first clip is a trailer for a film called Intentio by a young Brazilian filmmaker Loic Wirth.  Impressive.. to say the least.  I can’t wait to see the finished product.  This kid has insane talent and features an all-star cast of surfers.  When I first saw this I was speechless..

[vimeo vimeo.com/23460129]

This second clip isn’t necessarily the work of any specific filmmaker that inspires me, rather the work of the most stylish surfer in the world today.. Craig Anderson.  The footage in this clip (by Quiksilver Aus) is pretty unreal.  The stuff this man can do on a surfboard is pretty incredible.. and he does it with unbelievable style.  I think just about any surfer can aspire to surf like Craig.. but I don’t think it’s humanly possible to replicate his style.

[vimeo vimeo.com/35087511]

These next clips are by a young Australian filmmaker by the name of Riley Blakeway.  This kid has mad talent and a very unique style.  This first clip of Taj Burrow in Fiji has absolutely blown-up with almost a half a million views on Vimeo.  Not only is Taj straight-up killing it in perfect Fijian waves, but the footage and editing is incredibly badass.

[vimeo vimeo.com/32449778]

This second clip by Riley is a trailer for a short film profile on young Aussie pro surfer Thom Pringle which is set to be released shortly.  The cool thing about this film is it was shot entirely on Super 8 without any financial backing..  Im excited to see the finished product.. it should be a pretty cool, rather unique short film.

[vimeo vimeo.com/34929518]

And last but not least.. this is another one of Riley Blakeway’s clips.  This one featuring another one of my favorite surfers to watch, Chippa Wilson.  The guy has incredible style and he’s truly one of the most innovative and technical surfers out there.  A while back Riley did an Analog profile film on Chippa entitled Now.  This clip is pretty badass.. just shows Chippa shredding the ultra-rippable Canggu in Bali..

[vimeo vimeo.com/16191614]

So that’s part one of my inspirational post.. I hope this has motivated you to get out and create.  In this “digital age” we live in, there is so much amazing content on the internet.  I find myself constantly being inspired by the work of this coming generation of photographers and cinematographers.  Check back in the next couple days for the photography version of this post.

+ Nicaragua Part II +

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So last week I spent a couple days in the Popoyo region of Nicaragua.  It’s a pretty cool little town.. not much to do other than surf and drink beer.  I’ve been to Costa Rica a few times but it was the first time I had been to Nicaragua.  I figured Nica would be a lot like Costa Rica but I was completely wrong.  First of all, Nica is a lot more rural than Costa.. there’s a lot less development throughout the country.  However, the lack of commercial development and fancy hotels in Nicaragua makes for a pretty unique country.. unlike anywhere I’ve ever been.  The town of Popoyo has a really cool, mellow vibe.. just a few small surf hostels, a couple small restaurants and some nice beach houses.  Within a few miles north and south there are some A+ surf breaks with non-stop offshore winds.  The people I met in Nicaragua were some of the nicest human beings I have ever encountered.

On my third day in Nicaragua I paddled out at a fast, barreling right hander that breaks over a really shallow, rocky bottom.  I surfed excellent waves for about 2 hours without a single other human around.  At the end of this session is when my trip took a turn for the worst.. I took a pretty bad spill and came straight down on my heel at a really weird angle.  I immediately knew that something terrible had happened.  I was in such shock that the initial impact didn’t really hurt much but as soon as I looked down at my heel I knew it was badly broken.  Luckily there were a couple Americans hanging out on the beach that had a car and they rushed me straight over to the local clinic.  When I got to the clinic, the nurses took one look and immediately knew I needed to be rushed to the hospital which was about 45 mins away on bumpy dirt roads.

After a miserable drive we finally arrived at the hospital in a town called Rivas.  When they carted me into the hospital the fear began to take over my emotions when I saw how dirty and overcrowded the hospital was.  I tried my best to remain calm, but some of the things I saw in that hospital have completely scarred me for life.. after waiting for about 3 hours I finally got an xray on my foot and saw the local orthopedic doctor.  The verdict was I could either stay there in the hospital for a few nights and get the operation there, or I could fly home and do it SD.  Done.. no brainer..  I was on the next flight out.

After a miserable 3 hour drive to the airport and 3 long flights I finally landed in San Diego where I went straight into the hospital.  The doctor took one look at my foot and knew it was really bad.. luckily I went into surgery shortly after.  They put a couple pins in my heel and casted me up.  I spent the night in the hospital and the next morning I was back home in my own bed.  Finally getting home was the best feeling in the world.  Those 2-3 days were the most miserable, painful days of my life.  Now I’m extremely thankful that it’s all over and I’m finally on the road to recovery.  Luckily, all the people I met down there were so awesome.  I can’t believe so many people went out of their way to help me out when I was in need… I am sooo so thankful that there are such amazing, kind people in the world.  Even American Airlines took good care of me.. they upgraded me to first class for free, waived my surfboard bag fees, and gave me wheelchair assistance throughout the airport on my layovers.  I am so extremely thankful for everyone who helped make my miserable experience a little more tolerable.

Below are some of the photos I took during the short time I was down there.. I didn’t take many, but hopefully soon I’ll be able to drop the film off at the lab and post those up as well.

Popoyo Sunset

Pounding beach break in about 2 feet of water

Playa Guasacate with Popoyo in the distance

A moody, offshore morning

The midnight sky

Non-stop offshore winds=non-stop barrels

Sea turtle heading back toward the shoreline

And last but not least…this is when it all came to an end.