Burton Zoom 28L Photography Backpack Review #2

I have received a bunch of emails about my Burton Zoom 28L backpack.  Since my original review was pretty short I decided to do another in-depth look at the Burton Zoom 28L.  First off, I got a killer deal on the Zoom.  I paid around $60 on sale, so if you keep an eye out you are sure to find some great deals.  This backpack is great!  I have owned it for about 6 months now and I couldn’t be happier.  I was looking for something that could keep my gear safe while out on motocross or snowboarding shoots and carry all of my essential gear.  The Burton Zoom is a great pack for airline travel as well as just a daily shoot.  It is fairly heavy when its all loaded down, but that is to be expected out of any backpack full of photography gear.

One thing I really like about the Burton Zoom is the amount of gear I can carry.  I can fit: 2 bodies (one with battery grip), 4 lenses, a flash unit, a 13in Macbook with charger and two external hard drives.  A pouch with all of my necessary cables, spare camera and flash batteries, camera and AAA battery chargers, plenty of memory cards, 2 card readers, spare accessories, a dust blower, ipod, headphones, magazines, some food, sunglasses/snowboarding goggles, gloves, monopod and/or tripod…and the list goes on…(the second body fits in the corner pocket to the right of the lenses…these photos are a bit out dated).

Another nice feature of the Burton Zoom 28L backpack is the rear access camera locker.  It comes with a nice little nylon flap that is supposed to help keep unwanted snow or water out.  All of the Burton Zoom models are different, some are a little bigger than mine.  I chose the 28L because I didn’t want something too overly huge.  The 28L zoom is perfect as a carry-on for airline travel.

The flap of the camera locker has two mesh pockets that are perfect for holding round or square filters, business cards, memory cards, or any other accessories you may need to carry.

Another feature I really like about the Burton Zoom is the included “cable pouch” that I use to carry my ipod cables, hard drive cables, batteries, flash drives, and a few other odds n ends.  It also comes with this cool handy memory card pocket.  It fits about 4 CF cards.

The laptop pocket is on the outside of the Zoom which is perfect size for my 13in macbook.  Any larger computers probably won’t fit.  If you own a MacBook Pro, you may want to consider this.

The waist straps have these cool little pockets that are easily accessible while on the mountain or using this pack however you choose.  I usually stash some extra batteries, memory cards, business cards, and some other little things I like to keep close.  I have found these to be very handy while hiking with my camera in hand with the Zoom on my back.

Here is a view of the back of the Burton Zoom.  It has a nice padded backing which makes it very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.  It also clamps down to your back very securely so you can charge down the mountain with your friends.

The only thing I didn’t show in the photos is the outside compartment.  It is a fairly spacious compartment at the top of the pack which is where I stash some food, gloves, ipod, headphones, cell phone, keys, or whatever you need to carry.  There are also a couple compartments on the side that are great for holding other large accessories such as a water bottle, tripod, monopod, or anything else your little heart desires.  Overall, the Burton Zoom 28L photography backpack is a great investment.  I would also suggest investing in a smaller camera case for when you want to carry just one DSLR and a couple lenses.  I use the Zoom for all sorts of traveling and it works fantastic!  The Burton Zoom has also become a great addition to my daily shooting as well.  If you are in the market for a photography backpack, I would definitely give the Burton Zoom a second look.  I hope this review will help you decide which pack is right for you!  Take a look at my portfolio on www.kylecannonphotography.com to see how the Burton Zoom has helped me get some great shots!


~ by kylecannonphotography on August 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Burton Zoom 28L Photography Backpack Review #2”

  1. Kyle,

    I am a second shooter with my wife for weddings and engagement shoots. But I also do some action sports photography as well. I really want a zoom bag, but am having a hard time figuring out which version has the best interior setup. Some have a removable padded box for all of the camera gear. Your bag doesn’t look that way… or am I just not seeing it. What do you suggest?

    • Hi Will,
      I love the 28L zoom, but if you have a large amount of gear, you may want to go with a larger size. Mine does not have the removable compartment, the one in the 28L zoom stays in place. I have 2 bodies, and 5 lenses and I completely maxed out on space. With all my accessories I can’t fit anymore gear. Its a great bag however. If you don’t need to carry a large amount of gear then you should definitely consider the 28L as an option. Its fairly lightweight compared to a lot of other bags…even completely packed. Good luck! -Kyle

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