+ Road Trip +

Last weekend I took a short drive north to Santa Barbara.  Along the way I stopped in a few spots to check the surf.  I managed to find some small, but really fun waves in a few spots.  I’ve been north to Santa Barbara and all over Northern California countless times, but I’ve never actually spent much time in Ventura.   Last weekend I was lucky enough to spend hours skating around taking photos.  Here are a few photos from my trip.

This photo was taken in front of the Santa Buenaventura City Hall that sits just a block away from downtown.  You are looking straight into downtown Ventura.

This is a photo of the Santa Buenaventura City Hall.  When I drove by this place, it immediately reminded me of the similar photo I took less than a week ago at the Escondido City Hall. The Ventura City Hall is such a beautiful building, I couldn’t help but stop for a photo.

This photo is taken just up the point from the Ventura Pier.  It was an extreme low tide this evening making for some cool reflections in the tide pools.  In the background you can see the Ventura Pier and some tiny waves wrapping around the point.

This photo is my favorite spot in the Area.  It’s called Emma Wood and it is just a few miles north of Ventura.  I find myself surfing here and/or Rincon every time I am in the area.  Emma Wood is usually a fast and steep a-frame with barreling rights and lefts.

This is a photo of a spot I stopped to check the surf.  This was taken somewhere north of Santa Barbara.  It shall remain nameless…the surf was small, but fun beach break.



~ by kylecannonphotography on December 8, 2009.

One Response to “+ Road Trip +”

  1. Emma Woods is a fun wave with a great campground right in front. In fact, I’m going to be up there next week to score some waves. Silver Strands down in Oxnard is another personal favorite of mine. Cool photos!



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