+ Another NW Swell + New Gear +

Just about every surfer throughout San Diego has to agree this has been an epic winter so far.  We have been hit with swell after swell.  On Saturday January 9th, I spent the day shooting and surfing all over Cardiff.  My first stop was Seaside early in the morning.  After shooting some morning light I decided to get some waves for myself at Cardiff Reef.  There were some solid overhead waves pumping through the reefs in Cardiff all day long.  After my surf I went back to Seaside to get a few shots of the evening session.  It looks like we are about to get another solid NW swell in the next couple days.  I will be up north in search of some cold water barrels.  Check back soon for more swell updates!

On another note, this swell was the first time shooting with my new Canon 50d. After a little more use this week I am going to write a little review on my first impressions.  So far my results have been pretty good.  I have been shooting with the 28-135 kit lens, a 400mm L, and a 50mm 1.4.  With the help of good glass, I think the 50d is capable of capturing some excellent images.  I will have more opportunities to test it out this week .

Here are a few photos taken at Seaside on 1-9-09.  The first 2 shots are WCT surfer Damien Hobgood.  Damien is always an entertaining surfer to watch…he always surfs at his best.  The last shot is just one of the local standouts at Seaside.



~ by kylecannonphotography on January 13, 2010.

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