+This Makes Me Happy +

I’m not exactly sure what it is about this short film that made me fall in love.  It might be the music, the simplicity of life, or maybe just the sipping of an ice cold Corona on the beautiful beaches of Mexico.  Everything just joins together to make a great short film that embodies the real truth behind why I love simplicity so much.

We all love possessions…let’s face it, nice stuff always makes us happy.  Sometimes I long for a life without such possessions.  I could live perfectly well traveling the world with a couple surfboards and an old film camera.  Simplicity is a beautiful thing.  I think we all rely too heavily on money and possessions these days.  It’s really not necessary.  Do you really need material objects to make you happy?

Personally, nothing makes me happier in life that relaxing on a beach somewhere in Mexico or Central America.  It is somewhere that I hold extremely close to my heart.  The simplicity of life, the warm water, the ice cold beers, and the heat of the tropical sun.  There’s really nothing more I could ever ask for.  Anytime I am feeling down I find myself longing to escape to the beautiful beaches down south forever…

It feels really nice to take a moment, sit back and analyze what really makes us happy in life…

The song is ‘Miles Away’ by a great band called Years Around The Sun.  The film was made by the legendary Taylor Steele.


~ by kylecannonphotography on November 30, 2010.

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