+ G-Tech G-Drive Mini Review +

Recently I picked up another member of the G-Technology family, the G-Drive mini.  I had been looking for a portable hard drive that could withstand the abuse of constant travel.  Since every other drive I have used over the past year or so has been a G-Tech drive, I figured I would continue that tradition when shopping for a portable drive.  I needed something that would be big enough to back up HD video files from Canon DSLR’s and the huge RAW files also created by these various cameras, as well as transfer data fairly quickly.  I bought 2 of the 320GB models, and let me start off by saying I couldn’t be happier.

The first thing you notice when you pick up a G-Drive Mini (as with all G-Tech Drives) is the outstanding build quality.  They are extremely sturdy and fairly compact…they seem like the perfect drive for the traveling photographer/videographer.  The drive includes 3 cables…a Firewire 800-800, a Firewire 800-400, and a USB 2.0 cable.  With all of these cables included, G-Tech really accommodates just about any computer on the market today.  My main computer is an iMac that only has Firewire 800 input, and my travel laptop is a Macbook with just a Firewire 400 input.  The addition of both cables makes it super easy to swap the drive between computers whenever I need to transfer files.  Using the Firewire ports you can really take advantage of the lightning fast data transfer.  I’ve used this drive to edit short movies with large HD video files from Canon DSLR’s without a problem.

Another thing I love about the G-Tech drive is that it is bus powered, eliminating the need to carry an external AC power supply.  I think this is an absolute necessity with any external drive today.  Traveling photographers and filmers already carry massive amounts of extremely heavy gear.  Not having to carry around an AC power supply is a huge plus.

According to G-Tech, the G-Drive Mini system can withstand up to 1000 G’s of shock, and I believe it.  While I was in Whistler a couple weeks ago, I dropped mine on a cement floor from about 5 feet off the ground and it still works perfect!  Not even the slightest dent in the casing.  I was shocked…many other drives would have certainly broken.

Being super lightweight and extremely compact, I would say the G-Drive Mini is the perfect companion for anyone who needs to travel with portable hard drives.  I paid about $130 each for my 320GB models…which is a small price to pay for extremely reliable storage.  I would recommend these drives to anyone looking to upgrade.  I use G-Technology drives for all of my storage needs.  I own a 1TB G-Safe, a 500GB G-Drive for my Time Machine backups, and now two 320GB G-Drive Mini’s.  I can’t see myself purchasing anything else!


~ by kylecannonphotography on January 25, 2011.

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