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I just got home from a surf trip to Nicaragua a little early.. unexpectedly.  I went down there in search of empty beach break barrels and came home with my right heel broken in two pieces.  I was there for two days when on my third surf session in incredible waves, I took a bad digger which landed me into the dirtiest, scariest hospital I have ever seen.  After 3 hours of waiting and sweating in the Nicaraguan hospital, the verdict was I needed to be rushed home to San Diego on the next available flight and straight into surgery.  After a painful 3 hour drive on dirt roads, 3 flights and a couple thousand dollars, I managed to get straight into surgery upon arrival in San Diego.  Now my heel has been bolted back together with two nice shiny pins.  Even though I was only there for 72 hours I managed to shoot quite a few photos.  Took a couple rolls of film as well.  Once I heal up a little more I will drop the film off at the lab and edit the digital files.  For now…it’s going to be a long road to recovery.. doctor says I’ll be out of the water for 3-4 months and off my foot for at least a month.  Here’s how the trip started…

Annnnd here’s how it ended…

Check back soon for the rest of the photos


~ by kylecannonphotography on January 20, 2012.

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